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Let the Hunt Begin Monster Hunter World Review By Luiggi Cavanna

This game is like Dark Souls meets.. WAIT! where are you going? I was just joking don’t go!! I’m sorry but I had to make the joke, come on. To be fair there’s a lot people that are new to this franchise that might make that comparison but don’t just go get your hunting horn and try to squash them just yet. This is good, we have new people interested in this game and that was the goal that Capcom had in mind. This game made so many drastic changes from previous sequels to attract more people in the western market and at the same time kept most of the formula that made Monster Hunter the game that it is. Monster Hunter is back giving us a perfect balance between old and new that honestly (spoiler alert for the rest of the review) seems perfect to me.

Welcome to Monster Hunter World!!

I have to say, Monster Hunter World is a breath of fresh air for the franchise. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Monster Hunter, but it was in serious need for an update to some of the mechanics and is also nice to see Monster Hunter back to home consoles again and not just been trapped in the 3DS.

Also finally seeing the monsters in high definition in a big screen is really imposing

For those that do not know and are new to the franchise, Monster Hunter is an action RPG that focus primarily in the grinding aspects of the genre. You go out and fight monsters, carve them for parts and materials, build armor and weapons out of said parts and materials, and go out hunting again for better parts. Your progression is tied in to this system, you do not level, nor does your character get stronger, you just get better equipment. That does not mean that you’re going to be the same by the end of the game though, your character might not level but you do. Monster Hunter World is a game that rewards skill play, and by the end game all the experience that you’ve acquired through your playthrough will pay off.

I mean, LOOK at this “Attack on Titan” shenanigans!! It’s amazing!

Also I have to add that there’s no classes but instead you can choose between fourteen different weapon types and you can switch them at any time in your main hub or in camp while you’re on a mission. There’s no “better weapon” in the game, they just provide different play styles for everyone. The weapons had some changes made to them that has giving us a more dynamic game play. In the last game in the series we had different styles for each weapons and super attacks, but to be honest it just felt like they were running out of ideas and it felt gimmicky, just like the option of playing as your Palico (The cat companion that helps you when you’re hunting solo). Those mechanics are gone and to be honest I don’t miss them.

By the way, Palicos are AWESOME! And you can customize them just like your hunter

Monster Hunter World is an amazing game and  a long awaited update to the monster hunter formula. If you haven’t play any monster hunter games in the past and you are apprehensive in getting into this franchise, don’t worry! This game was designed to bring new people to the franchise and it is also a great addition to it. So if you’re new or a veteran hunter, it doesn’t matter this game is great and I don’t see any reason to pass this one over, except if you’re not into "grindy" games because as I said at the beginning, you hunt, carve, make equipment, repeat.

As a Monster Hunter veteran, I enjoy how gathering has been streamline. You can gather most things while moving, and you don’t have to load sections of the map. In previous games the map will be divided in instances that you had to load separately. Now the whole map loads instantly and that gives the world this feeling of being alive. Also another thing that helps with that feeling is the fact that monsters interact with each other and have territorial battles. I totally recommend this game and with the returning tradition of free DLC, the life of the game seems bright. So have you played Monster Hunter World? What do you think of the changes? Let us know. Now I return to the deepest darkest corners of my dwelling. Good-bye for now my friends.

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