BLOODY MARY IS BOOK ONE OF A TWELVE BOOK SERIES Every fourth astrological age prompts a great age war, a war between men, vampires, witches, and werewolves. The winner of the age war determines the fate of all creatures, be they magical or mundane. New laws are set, treaties are signed, and councils are formed between the races to keep the peace until the cycle begins anew. The coming of Aquarius is the dawn of the fourth age. The planets are beginning to align, and there are a few who scheme to tip the scales and throw off the balance. Marana is one of those people. Regent to one of the strongest vampire clans to walk the Earth, she has openly declared war before the appropriate time. This is strictly forbidden and violates laws that have stood in place for several millennia. Kasha is the regent of a broken impoverished clan. She is the only known vampire with the potential to face her, however she lacks training and the strength of numbers. Will she be able to survive Marana’s game, or will her coven be destroyed before the war begins? THE BATTLE FOR DOMINION OVER MANKIND HAS BEGUN & THERE WILL BE BLOOD VIOLENCE, SEX, BETRAYAL, & MAYHEM ABOUND IN THIS FAST-PACED FANTASY



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