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Wonder Woman 84 review (Spoilers)

  BY COREY FLOYD Wonder Woman 1984 is the latest film from the DCEU, The most peculiar franchise of modern times. don't get me wrong folks I'm actually a huge DC fan huge fan of the comics big huge fan of their animated movies as a matter of fact I think their animated universe would actually out beat the MCU any day of the week but when it comes to their live-action things get a little weird. mostly everyone enjoyed the very first Wonder Woman movie even myself but then again, it's easy to enjoy something that is just a carbon copy of something else.  Salty truth time folks we like the first Wonder Woman movie because we also like Captain America the first Avenger give me a moment to explain. both movies are told in the past tense both of them take place in a war that involves Germany, both have our main character surrounded by a ragtag group of soldiers and their love interest, both films have two antagonists one being an evil doctor the other one being a tyrannical dicta