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Who's On The Storm Front?! (CASTING IDEAS FOR STORM)

So, The world thought BeyoncĂ© was gonna play Storm in BLACK PANTHER 2. The Beyhive was happy but the comic book and movie lovers cringed a bit. I spent time watching BeyoncĂ© filmography and I’ve come to the conclusion that her acting has improved but I don’t think she should play Storm. I believe that the role should go to someone a bit more versed in acting and their profile won’t be so distracting. So here we are on the casting couch once again but this time I’m focused on one role. These are a few choices I think marvel should consider for Storm.   First off is kind of a cheat but I believe Alexandrea Shipp should be allowed to play Storm again. She played the character in the last two films. She has already voiced her love of the character. The writers of the films did not give her much to work with. Like seriously in the Dark Phoenix I think she had 2 maybe three lines of dialogue at the very least. Maybe the house of mouse should give her a chance to fly. Most of the mino