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How do you craft Willson? Stranded Deep

BY LUIGGI CAVANNA Stranded Deep is an open-world survival game with crafting elements where your main goal is to survive while traveling & exploring different islands scattered around the map. Stranded Deep has been in early access on Steam for a while now but recently the game has been released on Xbox One and PS4. The version that I played for the purpose of this review is the PS4 one. This is a supplementary review, if you want to see my first impressions of the game right after I was done playing it, go check the video down below. Watch My Review! Stranded Deep is your typical first-person survival game where you have to find food, craft items & avoid dangerous critters. The gimmick of the game is that you have to do all that in multiple islands that you find all over the ocean while traveling in your trusty raft. Before you start your game you have to make a few decisions, like choosing your difficulty, gender, and even turn on permadeath if y

Bloodshot Movie Review

BY COREY FLOYD The world loves Vin Diesel. That’s a fact. Somehow he took the phrase “I am Groot” and became one of the most loved characters in the Marvel Universe. XXX was supposed to be a one-shot pony but The Diesel made it a franchise. We don’t need to even talk about the Fast & Furious franchise.  Now he brings us Bloodshot another comic book movie. Bloodshot's power is nanotechnology in his blood that allows him to recover from anything, gunshots,   stabbings, & explosions. The Ray Garrison takes a licking and keeps on ticking! Pretty much Dominic Torretto with actual plot armor. But fun all the same. The film takes place about five years from now. Vin plays Ray Garrison a badass soldier working in the middle east (eye roll). During his trip home with his girl, things go sour and they are kidnapped by terrorists. Despite doing what they asked of him they were both killed. His death felt like a watered-down version of the death of Alex Murphy in Robocop. Minu