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We Take a Look at Rifter By Luiggi Cavanna

This past weekend I took a look at Rifter on steam, a game that at the time you’re reading this is probably out. Rifter is another physics platformer, I know I reviewed quite a few, but let me tell you I had a blast with it. This is a supplementary review, if you want to see my first impressions of the game right after I was done playing it, go check the video down below. The first thing that you will see when you boot up the game is a screen asking you to select your control scheme. You can select between two keyboard schemes and two for the controller. For this review I used the “WASD” keys and mouse, make sure to pick the one that you’re more comfortable with but don’t worry you can change these settings later. The art style of the game had this neon 80’s vibes to it, down to the sunset in the background that probably some of you will remember seeing in some shirts back in the day. The gameplay, as previous physics platformer we reviewed, revolves around gett

Sorry to bother You Review ( Spoilers Kinda) By Corey “Not Sorry” Floyd

In 2018 the idea of Black Entertainment has continued to evolve we're finally enjoying our entertainment little bit more with thought-provoking shows like Insecure,  Blackish and Atlanta and now it's time to take that magic and put it on the Silver Screen. Surprisingly this Silver Screen romp isn't held by Spike Lee or Dave Chappelle Issa Rae or even Donald Glover it's held by a new Gentleman on the same known as Boots Riley is most commonly known on the scene for his soundtrack assemblies. Not only is he the director he's actually the writer of this piece and with this July release going against The Rock's new movie Skyline as well as Adam Sandler's Transylvania 3 I can't help but feel a little concerned for his outing.  But after I saw the first trailer for it made me very hopeful    with lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson I was sold on the movie alone and a few nights ago I was very fortunate to see a screener of it and now I

Antman and the WASP……. Meh (A salty review) By Corey Floyd

Okay back in May we watched the culmination  of ten years of storytelling lead up to one of the most emotional moments in the current film. Now as we wait for the ending of that saga its time for some heart filled filler. Hence Antman and the Wasp. Time to wipe away those tears and stop shitting on Starlord for a moment and get lost in some San Francisco espionage.   Yeah, I was not the happiest of campers with this outing but it's not a dumpster fire like Thor the Dark World. It justs sets up things the wrong way. It's bad enough this the first MCU film after the Infinity war I feel like they were set up to fail from the beginning.  It’s the equivalent go on stage after Michael Jackson and your Taylor Hicks (google him). The cast returns from the last one Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, Lilly as the Wasp and Douglas as Hank Pym. They give stellar performances. Michelle Pfeiffer is revealed to be the original WASP and the key point of the film is to rescue her