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Anime for this Spooky time of the Year

By Luiggi Cavanna Halloween is around the corner and we all are in a nice spooky mood to watch nice spooky anime. For that reason, I decided to make a nice spooky list of things to watch, well, maybe not that spooky but definitely, it will have some paranormal things in it.  Now without further ado, let’s just jump right in. Hyouka is not a Spooky anime, it is a good detective/mystery one though… Let’s just move on. I want to make this list a bit different so I might not feature the anime that you might expect. So no “Another” or any of the “Blood” anime, Vampire Hunter D, Hellsing,  you know, the usual stuff. That being said let’s start with…. Bakemonogatari Well, the whole Monogatari series in general, but if we’re going to start somewhere let’s do it with the one that says “Monster” (Bakemono) in the title. I’m just going to put this out there, this is one of my favorite titles. It’s a hard recommendation though, it’s not for everybody. The Monogatari seri

Manga Recommendation Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro

Manga Recommendation Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro This anime season has proven to be more exciting than the previous one so I might need some time before I can release my “The Anime Season So Far” blog. Also, I have planned a special Anime blog for next week, in the spirit of this spooky month, so for this week, I’ve decided to make a manga recommendation. This is one of my favorites out there and also goes along with the spooky feel of this month, so without further ado. My story with “Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro” started in a “Barners & Noble” that I walked into after leaving a movie theater. In the manga section of the store there was this manga, with its cover facing straight at me, and immediately caught my attention. The character design of the main character was very interesting, and after further inspection, the art style was captivating. It had this dark gloomy fairy tale kind of look and I decided to purchase the book right then and there! After that, I’ve been

24 HOUR COMIC DAY (this is a thing!)

By JP Simmons AMERIME MEDIA at its heart is a publishing company. We primarily publish sci-fi fantasy, space operas, paranormal romance, and yes COMIC BOOKS. we have two comic series in production. "Rise To Regent," our vampire comics that accompany the dark fantasy novels, and "The Land Of Blood And Plenty," a comic series about a warrior tribe Africa charged with protecting a very special village. These comics have been in production for a year, and have yet to hit the market  so you can imagine our surprise to learn that there are magical elves (these people aren't human) who can produce an entire comic book in a day! According to Wikipedia, a  24-hour comic  is a 24-page  comic book  written, drawn, and completed in 24 hours. Cartoonist (And the leader of the elves, Elron if you will)  Scott McCloud  came up with the challenge in 1990 as a creative exercise for himself and fellow comics artist  Stephen R. Bissette . Beginning in 2004, write

The Gifted: Possibly the best live action X-MEN

Let’s start with the Mutant resistance The guy up top is Thuderbird so far his mutant powers are he has super strength, he can track people over a certain distance using the bird tattoo on his arm, and super hearing. He is basically the tracker for the group. He helps find the runaway mutants and bring them into the resistance. Next is Polaris one of Magneto children (this dude got around.) she has all the same powers as him. She shares some of his disgust for non-mutants as well I’m curious if they will explore her connection. Fox has stated it shares the same timeline with the movies so it could happen. The next is Blink she is the most current member of the resistance she can create portals. So, she’s going to be very important to the group. And, last but not least is their fearless leader Eclipse he hold the power of the sun in his body. Think solar flares, he can shoot it out his fingers and is one hell of a flashlight. His blood is made of light or heat f

Made in Abyss Discussion

BY LUIGGI CAVANNA The Final Episode “This anime season was a little bit underwhelming”, those were my thoughts at the beginning of the season if I recall correctly. I did talk about three different shows of this season in my blog “The Anime Season So Far”, but let me say that “Gamers” didn’t quite recover after episode five, and “ Tsurezure Children”, even though stay consistent, was still just a romance anime and if you are not into romance you were shit out of luck. So aside from two-day specials like “Owarimonogatari” or recurring anime like “Boku no Hero Academia” there wasn’t much out there, except for… Of all the shows from this season, “Made in Abyss” was the one I waited for, every week, with the most anticipation. This show left such a mark on me that I have to talk about it, so I decided to create another segment like “ The Anime Season So Far” and name it “The Final Episode”. In this segment, I’ll take a second look at one anime near the ending of a season, in