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Young Justice Season 3

Amerime Media Young Justice season 3 By Corey FLoyd Back in 2013 we had to say goodbye to hit TV show Young Justice.  But why? It was a top watched show on the network. Believe it or not what killed the show was toys. A toy company was paying for the show to help push their toys. Ironically the toy line sucked mainly because there was a higher demand for the female characters and the company  didn’t want to supply. So going into Season 2 Greg Weisman and staff knew that this was the last season. So they gave it their all and gave us a great season finale with a amazing reveal at the end making us want more. So we told them we want more by doing what we do best complain and spend money, but mainly spend money. Season 1&2 of Young Justice were very hot DVD buys. Netflix added the show to its streaming service and viewership was and still is fantastic. So after the fans let their voices be heard Young Justice is coming back. After seeking out Greg Weisman on twitter

Marco Cancelled!

MARCO CANCELED!! By Corey Floyd Sad to say that of all the Netflix original shows Marco Polo is the first one to be canceled. Yes, folks, out of the forty plus original shows this one failed first. Season one immersed us in a new world and the ratings reflected it. There was conflict, betrayal, and violence. I t was being compared to HBO’s Game of Thrones but obviously based more in reality with splashes of history dabbled in it. The Weinstein company who produced the show reported a 200 hundred million dollar loss. Harvey Weinstein was quoted saying   “Netflix has been incredible to give us the room to make a series with a cast true to every principle of diversity. It’s a bold network that allows you to do that and support us in the way that Netflix did. As many people know, Asian history and the world of martial arts have fascinated me for all of my careers — I’ve made many movies around these topics and this genre, and now this TV show I’m so proud of. John has been a

The Award Goes To… Deadpool?!

Amerime Media The Award Goes To… Deadpool?! by Corey Floyd It’s that special time of year in Hollywood where they announce the nominees for the Golden Globes. This is the playoffs in Hollywood and the winners here mostly go on to the Academy Awards. So surprise surprise when I heard Deadpool was up for best picture in a comedy or musical and Ryan Reynolds has been nominated for best actor in a comedy or musical. This is a very big deal. In my opinion this has definitely shaken up the comic book movie bubble. This the first big nomination for a comic book movie that is not about visual effects. I don’t count Heath Ledger Oscar for the Joker cause they already announced he was gonna get it before the show because he died. For years comic book movies have only been shoe in for visual effects but now a movie has passed that threshold and has been nominated for best picture and on top of that the lead is up for best actor. This is al

My two Gils on Final Fantasy

Never have I been more excited about a Square Enix games since Final Fantasy X.  With their latest installment XV it’s like a breath of much needed fresh air into their franchise.  When you start the game the opening words reads for fans and first time gamers alike. Which makes the game friendly to folks new to the franchise, and old heads like me. Again I haven’t played Final Fantasy so passionately since X and I got to say it’s like riding a bicycle. My brief history with the game… My first Final Fantasy game was surprisingly not the one everyone seems to remember or even care about.  I was too young to understand the 16-bit game. VII AND VIII were amazing for their times, but I just had no interest at all for them.  It  wasn’t until IX  that I fully engaged in a Final Fantasy story. Being a rouge inside of a game was the best time I had playing an JRPG in ever. X was the first to have mostly speaking voice lines so I had to play that. Honestly the rest afterwards just didn’t seem