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The Fight Continues, Injustice 2 Review

By Luiggi Cavanna

From the NetherRealm Studios, the same people that brought us the Mortal Kombat series, we have a sequel to the DC fighting game Injustice.

Injustice 2 0001.png
Look at them all dressed up.

Injustice takes place in an alternative universe where Superman has gone mad and rules the world with an iron fist. It’s up to the resistance, lead by Batman, to put a stop to him. Injustice 2 is a continuation of this story, where Batman tries to rebuild after Superman’s defeat but a new evil lurks in the shadows. An evil that might force our heroes to make unlikely alliances.

Injustice 2 0002.jpg
“Let me out, Bruce! You didn’t even install a toilet in here!!”

So what’s new this time around? Well, NetherRealms have added a bunch of new mechanics and improvements to the game. Now we can use a meter to perform an air escape. When you use the air escape, you bounce back up during a juggle to disrupt the combo. You have two options, hold back or up and then press the meter burn button, it all depends on where you want to land. Be careful though, or you might just land in another combo.
Another new mechanic is the meter burn roll. When you dash forward and press the meter burn button you can roll to avoid projectiles and enter your opponent’s space.This is a welcomed
addition since the Injustice games are projectile heavy. No, for real, the zoning in this game gets crazy!

Injustice 2 0003.jpg
“Did anyone say PROJECTILES!”

The story mode in this game is great, just as it was in the previous one, and that’s something you can’t say about many other fighting games. This time around, at certain points, you will have to pick between two characters to continue the story. This allows for a lot of replayability, just to see how the story turns out depending on your choices.
Another addition to the game is the multiverse. If you have to play Mortal Kombat X, the multiverse is pretty similar to the towers in that game. In the multiverse, you will find different Earths where you’ll have to go through a series of battles (with different challenges in place) in other to obtain loot boxes and pieces of gears. Gear, my friends, is the “thing” in the game.

You’ve seen the commercials.

Gear in the game is more than for looks, it makes your character stronger. It increases certain stats for your character, and some time you can get skills that can change how your character plays. Don’t worry though, all these crazy shenanigans are off for competitive play. You get your gear not only through the multiverse but after every battle as well.

injustice 2 gear unlocks.jpg
Damn it! Another helmet for that stupid monkey.

The random drops do get annoying and most of the time you get items for characters that you don’t even play. To add insult to injury those pieces of gear that you get have a level restriction, so you have to level those characters so you can equip the gear.
There are microtransactions in the game, as is the nature of gaming nowadays it seems, but you can easily get money and loot boxes by just playing the game.
I gotta admit that playing the multiverse to get gear gets addictive. I was playing the game for this review and I spent a few hours trying to get gear for Batman and I didn’t even notice.

Injustice 2 clash.jpg
By the way, clashes are back and they’re better. They don’t take 3 years to finish now.

In conclusion, I gotta say that this is a great competitive game that has a lot of option for a casual player as well. Fair warning, you gotta have some patience though when it comes to dealing with zoners, projectiles are very strong in this game, and the meter roll is not the best solution most of the time. If you’re a fan of the DC universe, you should get this just for the story alone, and for fans of the fighting game genre, this one is a great addition to the library.

injustice dlc-injustice-2.jpg  
Oh, and the first batch of DLC characters is coming right up.

So what do you think about the Injustice games? Any other fighting games that you’re hyped for that are coming out? Let us know. Now I return to the deepest darkest corners of my dwelling. Good-bye for now my friends.


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