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The Award Goes To… Deadpool?!

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The Award Goes To… Deadpool?!

by Corey Floyd


It’s that special time of year in Hollywood where they announce the nominees for

the Golden Globes. This is the playoffs in Hollywood and the winners here mostly go on to

the Academy Awards. So surprise surprise when I heard Deadpool was up for best picture

in a comedy or musical and Ryan Reynolds has been nominated for best actor in a comedy

or musical. This is a very big deal. In my opinion this has definitely shaken up the comic

book movie bubble.

This the first big nomination for a comic book movie that is not about visual effects. I don’t

count Heath Ledger Oscar for the Joker cause they already announced he was gonna get it

before the show because he died. For years comic book movies have only been shoe in for

visual effects but now a movie has passed that threshold and has been nominated for best

picture and on top of that the lead is up for best actor. This is also a huge deal for 20th

Century Fox who has been on the losing side of the Marvel war with shaky story lines and

and average movie earnings from the last few X-Men films and the disaster of a Reboot for

the Fantastic Four. Which bring me to another point this nomination should be a big

wakeup call to Fox movie executives to not meddle with the creative process of these films.

During production of Deadpool there were constant stories floating around about

executives trying to add their two cents to the creative process. Usually causing disarray

confusion and ending in a terrible film Fantastic 4 for example. The Director Tim Miller,

writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and Reynold stood their ground. Ironically that

probably what lead them to just a 58 million dollar budget but when life give you lemons

you make 783 million dollar profit. This Tim Miller first big nomination from his first full

length feature film. He is most commonly know in the gaming community for directing

cutscenes for games like Mass Effect and a few short animated films. He went from the

minor to the big leagues fast and knocked it out of the park. Hopefully this nomination can

bring him and Reynolds back on the same page since he’s not directing Deadpool 2 due to

some unknown issue between him and Reynolds Maybe he can reconcile knowing that

they made history again. But that’s Hopeful thinking.

This is a Huge win just being nominated for Reynolds who has been working on this

film for years in development hell. The funny part about his performance in the movie is if

you have ever seen a comedy with Reynolds in it you see that nothing much has changed

since 2 Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place. Seriously look at all of his comedic roles up to

Deadpool and you will agree. The only difference is how much money it made. But Kudos

all the same Reynolds.His category does have some heavy hitters he’s going against Jonah

Hill, Colin Farrell, Hugh Grant and Ryan Gosling. Im cheering for the Merc with the Mouth. I

he does win I would love to see him accept his award like this.


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