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Can live service games be saved?

  These three words are the phrase of doom in our gaming cycle “Live Service Game”. Every time a game mentions this a wave of groans can be heard across the land. Combine it with the dreadful “Early Access” and you’ll have a bad time. Live service has been around for a long time, but it has been mutated and turned into the worst part of gaming, I think the tide is about to change. Initially, Live Service was how MMORPGs kept connected for PC gaming. The internet allowed gamers developers a chance to fine-tune the game and add features and weapons & quests. Meanwhile, if you had a console whatever issues the game had been staying there and not going anywhere. They came to re-release the game with all the errors fixed. If you are from the golden era of the FGC (Fighting Game Community) you remember all the variations of street fighters. But if it were online all modifications would have been an update away. For a time, it was good. Xbox was the first console that had a game patched u