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Why I Still Have Love For CYBERPUNK 2077

  Cyberpunk 2077 had one of the worst video game launches in modern times. The game was a buggy mess. The suits deceived people with gameplay on PC because the console port was trash. Playstation removed it from their marketplace and was issuing refunds.   The suits at the company ignored the developers' suggestions and went full steam ahead. To be fair, this is not the first game that had so much hype behind it to have a horrible launch i.e, No Man's Sky. After a year of patching and updates, I think this is the game I wish came out at launch. I am a firm defender of this game. I wanna talk about why I stan for NIght City.   A lot of people don't know that Cyberpunk began as a tabletop game by the same name. It was made in 1988 just six years after Blade Runner came out. I often wonder if they helped each other in the long run. The follow-up is cyberpunk 2020, which came out in 1990. The most recent addition Cyberpunk Red came out in 2020. If you're already invested in

League of Legends review

League of Legends, Riot Games’ most prized possession, has just received one of the most refreshing fantasy/sci-fi animated series to date. The nine episodes long Netflix series chronicles the best story set within the world of League of Legends. This is something truly spectacular, as this is one of the first and only times that a video game has been adapted into a television series in a way that isn’t disappointing. In fact, Arcane is a one-of-a-kind show that screams originality.    Arcane is by far one of the best series that has come out on Netflix, it is without a doubt the best-animated series to release in 2021. I cannot believe how precisely they’ve adopted the characters, as well as how wonderful the story and world that they’ve created has turned out. Let’s talk more in detail about this wonderful show and every aspect of it that truly makes it special. This is a story of two sisters caught amidst a war between two very different nations. They find themselves on oppo