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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Injustice is a Injustice! Salty review


The DC Injustice Franchise consists of a comic series and two hit video games. So when an animated movie was announced it sounds like an easy alley-oop for Warner entertainment. So why did this animated film so bad? When it comes to animated movies DC has been knocking it out of the park. Even their weaker films like Batman: Year One. The quality of the adaptation is still good. Injustice is a great series with great characters and somehow, they screwed it all up. Let’s talk about the Injustice of  Injustice.

The comic series of the same name is pretty vast and tells a great story. The issue is when you adopt a 400 plus page series into a less than 90-minute film your gonna have a bad time. The oversimplification of the story is insulting if you a fan of the comic or video games series. It’s like watching people who know nothing about the comic but a few plot points. They take creative leaps that are just plain dumb. They kill off the Flash in the first 2 minutes in a way that still makes no sense. 

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Mind you if you a fan of the series you know he plays a big part in the game since it covers the multiverse. Only to at the end plus a Dues ex Machina using the multiverse anyway. The director is Matt Peters a first-timer. He has done storyboard work on a lot of animated series. I think they should have gone with someone more seasoned like Sam Liu  I thought the voice acting was okay but nothing memorable except for the voice of superman who played by Justin Hartley who played Aquaman a few times in the Smallville series. The violence is also watered down. After Joker’s death, everything thing goes from rated R right back to PG-13. Why? This was a violent comic series and game. Heroes and villains die in horrible ways except for Nightwing he died like a moron. 

This movie was a failure on many fronts. It was a bad adaptation of the video game and comic. The inexperience of the writers is insulting. One of the writers is behind Batman: Hush, which was divisive at most but at the least, it was respectful to the material. This film is not worth any amount of time. Go to your local comic book shop and buy the set or at the very least watch a YouTube channel of the cutscenes. Avoid this one.

Injustice Final Grade: D ( the animation was done well)      

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