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10 Horror Comics That Will Give You Nightmares

  Some of the most frightening and chilling stories that we can find are in comic books. Though they're not as old as horror novels, horror comics have managed to capture the hearts and minds of those who enjoy a good fright. The following 10 horror comics will keep you up late at night with their spine-tingling tales and horrific imagery.  A lot of people know horror and Halloween go hand-in-hand, but what happens when the season is over? 1.) Stray Dogs     Just Imagine your dog living your best life being a fun just then a serial killer comes and rips it all away from you and takes you to his house to live out the rest of your days. This is the premise of Stray Dogs. A different take on the serial killer vibe is that the victim can't communicate to nobody except some of the other victims in the house 2.) Joe Hill: Graphic Novel collection     One of the new masters of horror comics Joe Hill released a collection just for the fans. If you liked Basket full of He

Halloween Kills- A Salty Review

 The Halloween franchise has been through a lot. Some of it is good but most of it is bad. I don't know what the oddest moment has been, to be honest. Was it Kung Fu Busta Rhymes or was it Season on the witch or that one about the cult the series lost its way? Rob Zombie rebooted it in 2007 and fans including myself were split on how good/ bad it was. At least until the follow-up, we all agreed it was bad. In 2016 there was talk about rebooting the franchise again with Danny Mcbride as one of the writers.  This guy  I know looks like a goofball but so did Jordan Peele. Mcbride and his team who were also comedy writers had a more daunting task. Peele did something very original whereas these guys are trying to save a franchise.  They succeeded by making a daring choice of erasing the franchise. Their movie was a direct sequel from the 1978 film and everything we’ve seen since then ….. never happened. Laurie is an older PTSD-riddled survivor that has been waiting for his return. The

Outsourcing Creativity AKA Star Wars Visions

  The Star Wars franchise has been through a lot over the last 7 years and most of it wasn't good. Four out of five of the last movies were a farce, a faint shadow of how good it used to be. You can have great effects but it cannot save a crappy story. By the time Rise of Skywalker came out I was just relieved that I didn't have to think about them for a while. When The Mandalorian happened I saw hope. There are still a lot of stories to be told in the universe. I recently sat down to watch Star Wars Visions, an Anthology piece adapted from a book series. It's done with several different Anime studios telling their own unique stories from a galaxy far far away. .    I won't be breaking down every single story. It's something you will have to see for yourself but there are a few stories that stand in the forefront that need to be mentioned by name. The first episode, if you go in order of the program, The Duel is a great start. If you are a fan of The Mandalorian thi

Squid Game review (spoiler lite)

Okay, I guess everyone is finally up to watching some real Battle royale style programming because all of sudden everyone is talking about Squid Game, and so am I. It's a certified hit. What is it? Who's in it, and why it works so damn well. I wanna try and talk about the series without giving away spoilers.  In these modern times, let's be honest, the struggle is real. We're still dealing with the aftershock of 2020 while still dealing with a global pandemic. A lot of us are feeling the pinch in our pockets and the show creator knows. We meet several characters from different walks of life who all have one thing in common. They are broke!!! ( like college freshman year ramen is breakfast, lunch and dinner broke). Each character you meet will have their own tale of woe that resonates with us. You could be a defector from North Korea that needs money to save her brother like Sae - Byeok.  Trying to visit his daughter in America after not being able to provide for her, or

Return of the Cons Back at Otakon 2021!

In 2020 life hit the pause button, the pandemic hit the world like something we've never seen before. Movies had been postponed a year, we found out about Joe Exotic and conventions have been canceled. As 2021 rolled in we now have a vaccination, mask mandates, and the return of a few cons. So when I saw that Otakon was returning this year I knew I had to see this. I've always been a fan of Otakon and would love to be at a con again. Also, it would be nice to see my friends outside of a zoom meeting. Otakon 2021: The return of the con. The Convention is still taking place in Washington D.C. Despite being in the nation's capital I'm quite nostalgic for its Baltimore setting. The Baltimore convention center has been home to Otakon for many years but is currently in the middle of an expansion project. One day we hope to return to Baltimore but for now, DC has been a very welcoming city. Lucky for us congress is usually on vacation but that would be a sight to see.     Conv