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Where was the tournament? Mortal Kombat review.

Mortal Kombat was a game-changer in the 90s. It showed the world just how violent videos could be. It made congress lose their minds, and they created the ESRB because of it. The first film in the 90s was a hit as well. The sequel, well …… at least the theme song, was a club hit. As the games pushed on over the years and had their hit and miss, the film series was DOA. There was talk of a revival back in 2010 that had an awesome trailer. It's called Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, and it starred Michael Jai White. We didn't get a film from it. We had a web series that was pretty good for what it's worth. But when James Wan, the man behind the Saw and Insidious franchise, announced he would produce a Mortal Kombat movie with an R rating, I was Hype. When they announced it would be available on HBO, I was elated. Then it came out. I was like There are good things and bad things in this movie, and I will try to break them down. One good thing about it is the characters look great. The


Zack Snyder has been busy as of late. After using the internet to release the Snyder cut of Justice League, he is back in the good graces of Critical movie watchers worldwide, including myself. While we were hoping for another Snyder DC film that looks like that's not going to happen, he decided to go a different route, a zombie heist movie. Army of the Dead is his second undead outing 2004 Dawn of the Dead being first. This film was supposed to come out a few years after dawn but found itself in development hell, but do good things come to those who wait? Let's talk about the Army of the Dead, a Netflix original. The movie is a modern Grindhouse film like Planet Terror. The military was transporting something mysterious across the desert, and they got into a crash--releasing a zombie, a super-strong, bullet-dodging zombie. The opening credits scroll as a montage of footage of their dark fate in some memorable and funny ways, with slow motion and good music in classic Snyder fa

Robocop wants you to defund the police

Back in the 80's Paul Verhoeven made a sci-fi movie that was so absurd it shouldn't have worked. But with great writers, actors, and effect people 13 million dollars and probably some cocaine ( it was 1987 after all), Robocop was a successful hit. So naturally, a franchise was born, another R-rated bloody franchise that somehow still made kids toys and video games. Jokes aside, years down the road, I rewatched the first three films and realized that despite it being satire. The films hit a lot of nails on the head for issues going on in our current society. Especially when it comes to policing, corporations and Gentrification, so let me go down this rabbit hole and show a movie series from 1987-1993 that showed us everything wrong with what's happening now. In the first film, we meet Alex Murphy, a cop that has been transferred to a rougher precinct in Detroit. The police force has recently been purchased by a private corporation Omni Consumer Products. This same company ha