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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Endgame Private Screening Review

Cosplay Philadelphia demanded the Avengers Assemble for a private screening of End Game at the AMC theaters in Neshaminy Mall, and Amerime Media was all too happy to answer the call!
Cosplay Philadelphia is a local organization offering events to the cosplay community. They bring their love for cosplay to schools, nightlife, conventions, and more with their unique games, panels, and creative content. Siddeeqah Love, the founder, and president of the organization held one awesome event, and the sold-out theater had a blast. There was red carpet treatment, refreshments, trivia contest and prizes before the movie began. The cosplayers who attended were so dope. Their energy was electric and added a bit of wonder to this family-friendly event.

Cosplay Philadelphia is the online and in real life hub for anyone with love for the cosplay, nerdy, and otaku subcultures. They invite everyone to explore our world!
Amerime Media Gives the private screening an overall A+
keep reading for Corey "Salty Truth" Floyd and JP Simmons thoughts on the movie.

What do you say at the end of an era? Do you clap, cry, or both? These were the feelings going through me at the private screening of Avengers Endgame. Over the past 10 years, we watched a very epic tale that stretched to the farthest corner of the universe all the way back to the motherland. Last year we were faced with the Mad Titan Thanos played by Josh Brolin who was retooled by the writers to have a more relatable purpose than trying to get laid by death. We watched in horror as the villain seized the day and destroyed half of the universe in a snap. Then we had to wait a year to see if we would be avenged.
I'm not getting into who is in the film because you really need to be up on your MCU to even watch this movie. So, I'm just going to jump right in. End Game starts us off not too long after the dusting. Our remaining heroes are mourning and trying to figure out their next plan in outer space. Tony and Nebula are running short on supplies and facing certain death, but it's all good because Captain Marvel swoops in to save the day. Eventually, the surviving crew heads out to space and literally whoop THANOS ass and this time Thor didn't miss.  Mind you this is only the beginning of the film... Like, the movie title just came across the screen, beginning.

The film was a spectacle to behold!! The Stan Lee Cameo was to die for. The Hunt for the stones was almost like an Oceans heist movie. The Hipster Hulk was a very odd turn to the least. On top of that, he does not fight in this movie at all. Which is one of the strangest things in this movie outside of Howard the Duck showing up with a Tommy Gun (that happened). The time heist is funny and also very strange because, in the end, they have to put the stones back and I'm not sure how that is gonna work. I see why Dan Harmon doesn't like time travel it makes things get very confusing very fast.
Don't get me wrong this film is far from perfect, normally I would eviscerate some of the flaws I've seen. Today I show mercy. No! I show respect. This movie has been a long time coming, and I will bend the knee and pay proper respect for the adventure they gave us. 
From the moment the lights in the theater dimmed to the credits rolling up the screen the Avengers delivered. The storytelling and character development were realistic and enthralling for a superhero movie. You felt Hawkeye's despair when his family was snapped. You understood his devolvement into Ronin. You also understood the moment Thor's ax comes across Thanos' neck and takes his head off. We watched our heroes struggle with the fact that there was no way they could bring anybody back. All they could do at that moment was avenge them. 
Fast forward five years...

 Black widow is running an offshoot of the Avengers comprised of the remaining members also trying to locate Clint before he goes so far he can't come back. Antman makes his return from the Quantum Realm where for him only five days have passed, and therein lies their solution... TIME TRAVEL!!! If you haven't seen the movie we aren't going to completely spoil it for you, we'll just tell you that the action really kicks off when they go back in time and it doesn't let up until the very end. We're going to go see it three more times...
I've been a fan of Robert Downey Jr. since I was a boy watching the movie, Chaplin and I knew then that he was a walking talking Tour de force. His road has been a rough one and I believe that's why he resonates with Tony Stark's character on a personal level. Roberts performance as Iron man connects with the viewer more than any other character in the MCU. He will surely be missed.  Now that three of the original six are gone where do we go from here? What is next? Not only for the MCU but for us the fans who grew up with these characters let’s jump through the quantum zone together.

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