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DeathNote ….. I guess ( Salty review )

By Corey Floyd Netflix released their American adaption of Death Note. In Japan, there are several Live action Deathnote Films and two of them sit between 70- 82% on rotten tomatoes so I wondered why the need to do this. You can watch The original anime on Netflix right now. Perhaps this is an attempt to Show people a anime story without subjecting them to animation. Naturally, the purists of the anime are highly against this. It's understandable Hollywood executive has shown that they don’t understand anime or at least have no respect for it. Exhibit A: But I try to give this a chance since I have seen American adaptations of Asian pieces work perfectly as well. When I saw that Netflix hired Adam Wingard to direct I got a little excited. Wingard is a director who has been very successful in horror. Wingard who already has made a name for himself with bone chilling pieces like you’re next and his installments in the VHS series were as scary as and scary as they co

The Anime Season So Far Summer 2017

By Luiggi Cavanna It is that time again where I talk about a few anime of this season that have caught my attention, and believe me it was hard because this season look so underwhelming, welcome to “The Anime Season So Far”. I could literally just fill the blog with how awesome Owarimonogatari 2nd season was, but that will mean that I’ll have to talk about the whole monogatari series in general, and Owarimonogatari technically was a movie divided in 3 parts. So just watch Bakemonogatari and if you like it, welcome to the fandom, here’s your toothbrush, don’t get spooked by the spooky Ougi and remember Kaiki best girl. For now, let’s talk about a few shows that are not sequels that came out this season. But for real, it was so GOOD!! You know, I almost skip this season all together, but thanks to third parties I end up watching the following shows. Actually thanks to a Facebook video I end up watching “Gamers!” Pretty much I started watching because I love fighting


BY COREY FLOYD Marvel’s Defenders came out Friday and of course, I entered BINGE MODE!!!!. If you have not watched the other Netflix Marvel series and attempt to Jump into this one you will be lost So do yourself a favor and watch those first. For everyone else let’s break this down. The Hand is the main Bad Guys of this series. If you followed Daredevil and Iron Fist you should know about the underground group of ninjas dedicated to world domination. And can be resurrected from the dead. The leaders of the Hand are visually the most diverse group  Madam Gao who you have seen in Daredevil & Iron Fist, Bakudo from Iron Fist. Sci Fi royalty Sigourney Weaver plays what appears to be the Leader of the hand Alexandria.   As well as guerilla style member Sowende and their hunter Murakami. When All else fails they have their ace on the hole “The Black Sky” and all powerful assassin which is a resurrected Elektra who died at the end of DD season 2.   It’s like an evil v

BATMAN & Harley!! Review (A few spoilers)

By Corey Floyd While the DCEU is trying to get their act together their animated movies have always been a hit. They have been dark, violent, gritty film series. Recently they lightened up with an old school Batman & Robin DVD featuring the Adam West. Then I saw a trailer for Batman and Harley. I got very excited the animation style was a homage to the Batman: Animated series which is also celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary this year. Wasn’t sure if this was gonna be a serious romp or not but I was ready nonetheless. Also, everyone loves Harley we can’t get enough of her. So why not do a feature where she works with the dark knight in her own special way   The movie Villians Poison Ivy & Floronic Man (Walmart brand Swamp Thing) trying to turn the entire world inhabitants into a plant Hybrid. Batman and Nightwing are on the case and realize they will need Harley’s help since they are longtime friends and a formidable team when they worked together. Thi