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Shape Of Water Movie review

By Corey Floyd

The Shape Of Water caught my attention back in the summer when I wrote an article covering trailers shown at San Diego Comic Con. I was very excited to see this film. One, it’s a Guillermo Del Toro film, and two, I thought it was a orIgin story for ABE SAPIEN from the Hellboy franchise. The likeness is uncanny

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  and the same actor is playing both roles. This movie had a lot of layers to it. This was a love story & spy thriller written by Del Toro &  Vanessa Taylor. I had to travel far and wide to see this film. It came off like a new creature of the black lagoon.  Which reminds me that he was the offered the job of directing “Creature of the Black lagoon “ for the Dark Universe franchise but declined to do this instead. Smart choice indeed.  The human characters represent the outcasts of early 1960s society.  Elisa Esposito (played by Sally Hawkins)
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is mute from a childhood trauma  she is the disabled outcast.  Giles played by Richard Jenkins is a gay man who was fired from his job for coming out which is what a gather from the film

Image result for shape of water Giles
 Then we have Academy award winning Octavia  Spencer as Zelda Fuller as a black women working on the cleaning staff with Elisa.

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With that being said we have the the bad guy Richard Strickland played by Michael Shannon.  He represents everything wrong with America then and now to be frank.  He a military man with a one track mind and no vision or humanity.  It's so easy to hate him in a lot of his roles.

  Image result for shape of water Giles

Of course we have to mention the creature of this feature. Image result for shape of water gif

Only called Amphibian man in the credits he is played by Doug Jones. Doug Jones who most of you know played Abe Sapien !!  

But there was a very different approach to this character than Abe. The creature I find is a lot more primal in this film , where as Abe in Hellboy is the most human. Both performances are great in their own way but in shape of water there a factor. He does not speak he roars and makes hand gestures and learns a little ASL from Elise. I will not give away what happens in this film because I feel I would be stealing a great experience from you and I will not do that. But honestly I love this film I wish to see it again. I hope that there is a Oscar out there with Del Toro's names on it.

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5/5 Salty review GO SEE IT !!!!! NOW Don't forget to stop by the WEBSITE and buy things

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